What is ChartAlert™ PowerCharts?

Benefits of PowerCharts
PowerCharts, your tool for technical analysis stock charting, will allow you to peep into the historical past and will also allow you to freely peruse the indian stock market and spot chart trends using all the well-known technical analysis indicators. While the simple and user-friendly format makes it easy for beginners and casual chartists to jump right into, they also provide all the graphical data an expert would desire.
PowerCharts offers 3 options for time intervals: daily, weekly and monthly. This allows you to have a precise view of short-term stock market activity and/or a more long-term view.
One of the key benefits of PowerCharts is the ability to save your favourite stock charts with custom chart settings. In other words, when you bring up a new stock chart, it will appear with your preferred date range, periodicity and indicator settings already applied! These customizations are easily created and managed, and most importantly, make PowerCharts unique to you.
Marking significant price points, drawing custom-created channels and trendlines (for 120+ F&O; porfolio of stocks), applying Elliott Wave price labels (for 20+ F&O; porfolio of stocks), applying Japanese Candlesticks pattern screener (for all stocks) or applying pre-packaged Trading Systems (short- to medium-term; for all stocks) will be a great way to make a wise trading and investment decision. See Technical Analysis Mask, ElliottWave Mask, Candlesticks Mask and Trading Systems below…
Limitations of PowerCharts
PowerCharts is purely for technical analysis charting and analysis, and all the information it provides is derived from stock price and volume data. The basic stock charts simply reflect the bullish or bearish psychology of a marketplace, and while they may not explicitly tell you when to buy or sell, they would help you look for signals that give hints as to what a stock is doing.
Another limitation of PowerCharts is that it will not predict future price movements. Technical Analysis is based on the belief that prices trend, and while there are situations where a future price rise is likely, it is never a guarantee. However, market sentiment is not unpredictable, therefore users can take advantage of PowerCharts features (masks, trading systems, etc.) to make sound predictions.
The last limitation of PowerCharts is that it is an interactive charting tool and not an end-user drawing tool. That is, while they’ll allow you to plot several technical indicators along with price-volume data, besides several overlays being possible on the price-volume plot, they will not allow “you” to draw or perform line studies like trendlines, channels, fibonacci lines, regression lines, etc. onto the chart. This feature is (however) expected in the future versions of PowerCharts!
Technical Analysis Masks in PowerCharts
These are value-added/ customized stock chart templates (the only service offering available in India!) designed for 120+ F&O; stocks, and in a superimposed mode, are meant to be read along with the base security of that stock chart. They allow you to see short-term, medium-term and long-term price channels, trendlines and important supports and resistances marked out on stock charts!
ElliottWave Masks in PowerCharts
These are customized templates designed for 20+ F&O; stocks, and in a superimposed mode, allow you to see short-term, medium-term and long-term ElliottWave price labels, ElliottWave channels and important supports and resistances marked out on the stock chart!
Candlesticks Masks in PowerCharts
These are customized templates for all the NSE Cash and F&O; segment of stocks and BSE Sensex and Group-A stocks, and in a superimposed mode, allow you to see end-of-day, end-of-week and end-of-month candlestick patterns labeled on the chart. The Japanese Candlesticks charting technique offers a glimpse into the psychology of short-term trading activity, as it is able to show (visually) whether the buyer or seller has control of the market, and can be powerful when used in combination with other technical analysis tools.
Trading Systems in PowerCharts
These are a collection of powerful tools that keep you informed about the current technical analysis status of a security. They contain complete trading rules and complex trendline studies, and bundle the logic with the visual presentation of potential trading and investing strategies. When enabled, they keep you informed on the status of the condition of a particular trading strategy for a particular security by displaying buy/ sell/ exit symbols on the stock chart!