How can we help you?

We are one of the premier resources for trading and investment grade stock market research and advisory forecasts (primarily based on technical analysis). We cover Indian stock markets and help identify potentially profitable trading and investing opportunities in Indian stocks listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange. The trading and investment horizon spans all time-frames viz. day trading, short-term, medium-term and long-term.
Our stock research and advisory products and services include EW-labeled stock charts, expert and detailed stock market analysis, trading and investment strategies with probable entry/ exit levels, and interactive technical analysis stock charts.
Our analysts provide investment research and advisory services to retail and institutional investors in an offline mode, through ChartAlert™ OfflineTrader, an end-of-day technical analysis stock research and advisory software, that also comes with an in-built interactive technical analysis stock charting module that can create professional-looking stock charts in a simple and user-friendly format for all NSE stocks, all NSE Futures, BSE Sensex and Group-A stocks, and all BSE & NSE indices.
Our stock market research and advisory services also reveal our dedication to educating people about trading, investing, fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Our products may help you gain an understanding and knowledge about financial analysis and apply it in your trading and investing.
How should you use ChartAlert™?
How you use ChartAlert™ OfflineTrader/ PowerCharts really depends on who you are. The following are some ideas of how the trading and investment resources in ChartAlert™ OfflineTrader/ PowerCharts can be used to help you get started:

 Use our stocks with the top potential rating as your research list.

Use our potential ratings as a second opinion to your own research. Don’t worry too much about confirmation, but if our ratings disagree with your view you might want to think about your choice a bit more. A suggestion in this regard: Owning a stock against the trend may be hazardous to your wealth.

Browse our lists for ideas, or for your favourite chart patterns or strategies.

 Check our market charts (BSE Sensex 30 / S&P; CNX Nifty). This is a broad based index of 30 and 50 of the most traded stocks on the Indian bourses.

 Browse technical analysis stock charts with PowerCharts (interactive technical analysis stock charting software), or . . .

 Simply consider setting up your trades with our investment research, advisory ratings and analysis!